Spear Study Club

Spear study club is learning in an intimate group dynamic, where we facilitate professional development and networking for clinicians within a shared local community. Our study club is supported by a prescribed curriculum to shape productive interdisciplinary relationships, and collaborate on real-world cases virtually or in person with online learning modules from the industry leader in dental continuing education. Together our club discovers how to drive consistently successful case management and shape lasting bonds to complete more interesting and cases together.

Spear Education integrated curriculum and learning modules help us grow the skills of everyone in the office with prescribed learning covering everything from foundational skills to steps for immediate implementation and solving complex clinical challenges. Each study club member and up to 10 of their team members get 24/7 access to dentistry’s most innovative online education platform for related content and supplemental learning tools. You have access to more than 1,500 video lessons, including CE-eligible coursework and multimedia to help any dental team member feel more confident in their role.

Our study club group travels to Scottsdale, AZ together to the Spear Education campus to attend exclusive, Spear Seminars along with virtual seminars. In addition all of our study club members are taking advantage of the Spear Patient Education platform which revolutionizes the patient’s chairside experience with animated videos that help our patients clearly visualize their conditions and confidently accept treatment.